WHOIS LOOKUP Use domain name or IP address to find whois information

Domain information lookup, Also called WHOIS lookup, use for search registrars and ICANN registration information of a domain name or an IP addresses, This function does exactly what it sounds like it does, and pulls the registration details for a domain name from the registrar it is connected to.

Enter a domain name or an IP address

Puwong Whois Lookup7x24-hour online service: We use nearly 300 worldwide basis Whois information server queries to ensure accurate and timely query. If you find the results of the query expired, please use the real time query.

What is Whois? When we split it into two words: "who" and "is", you will know the answer, and also, you will know what puwong.com offer: domain whois information search. That is puwong.com is a domain whois information search tool, Find domain name belongs to whom (or IP address), we also offer other tools that useful for a webmaster or a domain buyer. Puwong.com want to give you information about a domain name or an IP address, and show who it is, belongs to which person or company, Where is etc. We design this tool want you know it in an easy way.

The following reasons may cause your query for a domain Whois or IP Whois reports inaccurate: Registration of basic information errors, registrars couldn't connected, the registrant information was incomplete, the registrant uses a privacy policy, or use a third-party proxy registrant services.           However, in most cases, we can get a report for the domain name you want, we will try our best to meet your needs, if you have specific ideas or questions, please go to the bottom of the site, contact us by email or live a message, tell us anything you want .


Whois Information lookup tool is a good tool which can know more valuable information hidden behind a domain name or an IP address, Whois information is provided by many well-known registrars such as GoDaddy, Sedo.. Whois lookup tool can help you finding a website's owner, contact information, it's ver useful for persons who interested in these domains or websites.


Typically, most providers offer a Whois registrant name, company information, phone numbers and other domain owner information, IP Whois lookup result is the same, you know your IP address it? Click "What's My IP address?", which is the IP address lookup tool by Puwong.com, you can get IP location maps and IP details.


Puwong.com's free domain name Whois lookup tool provides you as much as more information about the domain name and IP-related information for your research. You can learn more about a domain or an IP address.

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